April 23, 2016

Simulating Life


Just think with us: if we take into account how many things could have simply gone wrong, we quickly conclude that Life is a statistical improbability. Even in its simplest forms, Life achieves a great deal of complexity. Yet, Life made us little curious daring creatures. Thus, nowadays, several lines of investigation face the giant […]

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Coffee Break + Speed Dating


A new way to spell Health: with 0s and 1s


Thousands of years ago, mummification in the Old Egypt provided the first insights into the human body; in the Middle Ages, bloodletting was thought to be the Holy Grail of Medicine; fast-forward a few years Pasteur’s discovery of Penicillin took its place. Now, a new age is upon us (and boy oh boy would Pasteur […]

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Lunch Break


Poster Pitch


Feeding the next X billion


  By 2050, 9 billion people are expected to be inhabiting Planet Earth (up from today’s 7 billion). Now, as we recklessly wear out our natural resources, it’s time to act and discuss how to feed humanity in sustainable ways. Whether the solution, Bioengineering will certainly have a role to play. Let’s find out how!

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Coffee Break + Speed Dating + Poster Walk


Bioentrepreneurship: is it time to pop the bubble?


The 21st century is set to be the century of Biology. Be it tissue engineering, be it widespread genome sequencing, be it protein engineering, be it precision medicine, this century’s revolution is biological and is written with A,T, C and G. There’s a notorious increase in the number of healthcare and biotechnology startups being founded […]

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Closing Remarks