Tiago Sá

Founder of WiseCrop | Porto

Tiago Sá is 27th years old and lives in Porto, Portugal. He is a FEUP Alumni from the M.Sc. in Electrical and Computers Engineering course, specialized in Automation Systems. He worked in the same Faculty for a research scholarship in the subject of his M.Sc. Dissertation “Traction Control of Electric Vehicle, being able to fully build a prototype of the system he has designed for Sensorless Traction Control of Electric Vehicles. A Scientific Article was written and published regarding this subject. He also worked as Assistant Professor in the Industrial Electronics course for 1 semester. After that, Tiago’s professional path is traced around WiseCrop. The startup was created right after his “detachment” from the Faculty.


WiseCrop is an integrated decision support system focused on Agriculture. The startup was born almost 2 years ago. Since that moment it has earned some recognition and overcome many obstacles. The product is constantly evolving to respond to the real needs of our users. Right now, it has a set of different features that, integrated in the same web interface, offer a complete solution with no match on the market. The Farmers, Agro Experts and Associations can find value in this system through different perspectives, while the final purpose is always the same: produce more, better and with less resources, enhancing profits and scalability. WiseCrop Universe makes this posible!


April 23, 2016
Feeding the next X billion