Symposium on Bioengineering

The 7th Symposium on Bioengineering is nothing if not a presentation of the Future within Today. As always, the 7th Symposium on Bioengineering is the result of the intricate and rich dialogue that takes place when the Life Sciences and Engineering are combined.
While keeping the structure chosen for previous editions, this Symposium's programme focuses on new subjects and keeps up with the ever-growing developments on the field (or better yet, the many fields).
Besides the three panels dedicated to the specifics on Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Biotechnology and Biological Engineering, the other speakers are integrated in sinergetic lectures, subordinate to world pressing issues and current thematics, such as food solutions, biomaterials, neurosciences, and medical simulation, followed by debating. Each panel is to constitute a transversal talk between different and yet complementary sets of expertise.
The rest of the programme builds a bridge to the hands-on world of Business and Work, with the participation of everyone involved, from alumni to Venture Capitalists and entrepeneurs. And nothing would be complete without praising the most recent work being developed by our students and researchers, through our Poster Contest.
Holding together the diversity of our agenda is a rich panel of some of Portugal's most relevant scientists, engineers, researchers and professors. Our Scientific Committe relies on an enticing variety and the bonding between mature and new-coming personalities, whose insight contributes immensly on the programme's cohesion, quality, dynamics and currentness.
Whether you work in the field of Bioengineering or simply marvel at the wonders that arise when the Life Sciences and Technology hold hands together, be sure to save the date to join us on this incredible event.


Organizing Committee


The Bioengineering Student's Group (Núcleo de Estudantes de Bioengenharia - FEUP/ICBAS) was created on the 06th November, 2013. It has been entirely ran by students taking their MSc on Bioengineering, a joint programme between two Faculties of the University of Porto: the Faculty of Engineering and the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences.
The group aims at the organization of events and activities for the Bioengineering student community and the establishment of a communication network involving other student groups, as well as companies, research institutes, universities and other scientific organizations, both national and international. One of the main goals of the group is the promotion of the three specialised branches within the degree: Biomedical Engineering, Biological Engineering and Molecular Biotechnology.
The group is legally recognized as a Non-Profit Organization.