April 22, 2016



Opening Session




Are you a student and wanna know what happened to alumni in the bioengineering realm after they finished their master? To satisfy your curiosity, there will be: → Hugo Choupina, Biomedical Engineer at the Epilepsy center of Klinikum Groβhardern LMU Hospital, Munchen, Germany, and researcher at BRAIN @INESC TEC, Porto → Frederico Carpinteiro, Biomedical Engineer, […]

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Coffee Break + Speed Dating


Cancer: the 21st century’s biggest battle


Cancer is a devastating condition for millions of people worldwide. As the pace of new cases increases, so do research efforts to tackle them. New insights into cell and molecular biology are giving us the chance to gain a better understanding about how it works and how we can develop novel and more efficient therapies. […]

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Lunch Break


Tissue Engineers: the new bodybuilders


There’s a new kind of body-building coming and it’s as literal as it gets. Tissue engineering explores how our cells can be used to grow, in vitro, specific tissues for posterior implantation. Occasionally, it may also go by the name of “Playing God”. This field, with nearly unfathomable possibilities in the areas of regeneration and […]

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Bioenergy: fuel from the unexpected


All throughout story, the case can be made for solutions coming from the least expected places or from the recycling of old concepts. Several are the problems whose solutions were exactly that. Energy is one such problem seeking for a golden solution. As the oil market becomes more and more fragile, and the multitude of […]

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Coffee Break + Speed Dating


Unraveling the human mind


Before announcing our speakers, let’s take a quick look at some of our sessions. After conquering the seas and propelling ourselves through space, there’s one great unknown we have yet to delve deep into. And it was right here with us all along. The human brain led us from primal Neanderthals to the sophisticated and […]

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Closing Remarks