Bioentrepreneurship: is it time to pop the bubble?

April 23, 2016


The 21st century is set to be the century of Biology. Be it tissue engineering, be it widespread genome sequencing, be it protein engineering, be it precision medicine, this century’s revolution is biological and is written with A,T, C and G.
There’s a notorious increase in the number of healthcare and biotechnology startups being founded and invested in. But…

Is health and biotechnology entrepreneurship on the verge of an exponential explosion?

Are we in a situation similar to the one Internet startups were in the 2000s or is there still work to be done?

After getting to know 4 portuguese startups, we will put their CEOs on a roundtable with a venture capitalist and someone in the academia-industry interface, and portray the current state of bioentrepreneurship. Time to make a business out of your passion?

Nuada, BioMimetx, Exogenus Therapeutics and Immunethep on stage!

Session Category :  23rd April 2016