Filipe Santos

Researcher in INESC-TEC | Porto

Filipe Neves dos Santos was born in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal, in October, 1979. He holds a Master’s degree (IST-ULisboa 2007) in Automation and Robotics and a PhD degree (FEUP 2014) in Electrical and Computer Engineering. He has a co-founder of technological startup (2007-2010) in the field of monitoring robotics. He has a large experience in researching, developing and making robots and intelligent solutions (for more than 10 years). Currently, he is a Senior Researcher at Center of Industrial Robotics and Intelligent Systems from INESCTEC – Technology and Science.  Nowadays, he is focused in developing, researching and promoting robotic solutions and projects for agriculture and forestry sector, where is required a higher efficiency for our world self-sustainability and fairness.

Agricultural Robots and their application in Portugal

Working in the agriculture is one way to get closer to nature and our roots. However, the sector is very competitive, it requires a large amount of effort from human workers, sometimes 24 hours a day with 365 days a year. Besides, the income is not stable due to the existence of plagues, diseases and climatic changes.  Technology, in special robots, can help the agricultural sector to be more efficient, stable, and less demanding for human workers. This talk will give a global perspective of agricultural robot uses, robotics research challenges and a vision for agricultural robots application to Portugal reality.


April 23, 2016
Feeding the next X billion