Prof. Nuno Azevedo

Nuno Azevedo obtained his degree in Biological Engineering in 2001 at the University  of Minho (UMinho), Portugal. He then finished his PhD on Chemical and Microbial Technology in 2005 at the same institution. After holding a Post-doctoral position at the

UMinho and the University of Southampton (UK) for 4 years, he started a Faculty Research Fellow position at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto in June 2009.

Nuno Azevedo’s main research interests are to understand the population dynamics in biofilms and explore the potential of peptide nucleic acids (PNA) and other nucleic acid mimics for rapid localization and detection of microorganisms. In order to better explore the commercial applications of PNA, he was the co-founder of BioMode – Biomolecular Determination SA, a company that has raised 1.6 million € in venture  capital investment in 2014. During his career as a researcher/entrepreneur he has  received several awards including the BES 2012 Innovation prize in the panel of Food and Natural Resources.

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