March 18th, Saturday

9:00Opening session

  • Ana Luísa Gonçalves: Searching for solutions to environmental challenges: from microalgae to the textile sector
  • Francisco Raio: From the lab to product management: learnings from a scientist turned PM
  • Tiago Gonçalves: Interpretable Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: What Else?

11:30Coffee Break

  • Amir Zadpoor: Meta-biomaterials: a new generation of biomaterials with impossible properties
  • Anabela Marisa Azul: The Future is Fungiland
  • Miguel Gama: Bacterial cellulose: so much to do


  • Luís Silva: Marine Chemiluminescence as a Basis for New Anticancer Approaches.
  • Marta Mendes: Mining deep-sea bacteria for new medicines
  • Tiago Mendes: Marine biomaterials in the crosstalk between blue and red biotechnologies

16:00Coffee Break

16:30Speed Dating

  • Catarina Oliveira: Biosilica case: an example of a successful sustainable production of a cosmetic ingredient from an industrial by-product
  • Inês Milagre: Can we use reprogramming to rejuvenate our cells?
  • Marta Midão: Application of e-textiles and smart materials for health and sport

March 19th, Sunday

  • Frederico Ferreira: Fish cell agriculture: challenges and opportunities
  • Luísa Cruz: Challenges and opportunities for biotech to deliver a resilient food system
  • Susana Sores: Exploring the Power of Research in the Lab: Developing Delicious and Innovative Plant-based Food Products

10:30Coffee Break

11:00Speed Dating

  • Alessandro Casella: Soft-robotics for early detection and aided intervention
  • Jaime Campos: Deep Tech: The next big thing in Orthopedic Surgical Planning
  • Pierre Maillet: ROSA the surgical robotic platform


14:00Science Under 5'

  • Akmaral Suleimenova: Lab on paper at microG: testing microfluidic biosensors in space
  • Nieves Cubo: 3D bioprinting for space exploration
  • Rosa Santomartino: Microbial biotechnologies for sustainable space exploration

16:30Coffee Break

17:00Speed Dating

  • Giulia d'Angelo: The event-based revolution: Event-Driven Perception for Robotics
  • Jorge Coelho: NerveGen – an effective technology for peripheral nerve regeneration
  • Paulo Aguiar: Hybrid neuronall circuits combining neurons and neuromorphic electronics

19:00Closing session