Fueling the Curiosity

The green energy transition is a key point to achieve carbon neutrality. Biofuels - fuels produced from biomass - are one of the promising alternatives. What are today’s bioengineers developing in this area to help achieve this goal?

Warning: Controversy Ahead

Science isn’t always absolute, and, sometimes, it’s not what people expect or want. Bioengineering discoveries can be considered borderline outrageous and spark controversy among specific audiences or even the world.

Forensics, my Dear Watson

Forensic engineering, defined as the application of engineering principles and procedures towards the purposes of the law, is a rapidly developing forensics specialty. But how would a biomedical engineer play an important role in this amazingly broad field?

Made in Bio

Speakers that studied Bioengineering or Biomedical Engineering at FEUP are invited to come and share their journey from university to the working world.

Game Changing Engineering

In this panel, we will dive into some crucial game-changing moments in the different fields of Bioengineering, and how they changed the current paradigms into what we know today.

Turning Science into Miracles

Throughout history, many fatal and hopeless diseases haunting mankind have been effectively solved, releasing a burden from humanity. How close is Bioengineering to cracking the currently unsolved diseases today?

Go Bio or Go Home

Sports play a large role for many healthy lifestyles, and since it completely depends on our own biology, Bioengineering can make a difference here as well.

Can you Hear the Eco?

With the ever-increasing pressure of the imminent depletion of our planet’s resources, Bioengineering offers some of the most promising solutions for the future’s sustainability.