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April 8th (Saturday)

  • Ana Matos
  • Ana Luísa Torres
  • Francisco Mendonça
  • Marco Capogrosso: A computational framework for the design of spinal neuroprosthetics
  • Hugo Paredes: Assistive technologies for the blind
  • Paulo Flores: Recent developments in biomechanics and medical devices
  • Garabed Antranikian: Extremophiles for a Sustainable Biobased Industry
  • Filomena Freitas: Production of microbial biopolymers
  • José A. Teixeira: Developments in the production of 2nd generation bioethanol
  • Paulo Freitas: Detection of neuronal magnetic fields with integrated microelectrodes
  • Inês Cardoso Pereira: New catalysts for the removal of drugs
  • Juan Gallo: Magnetic solid lipid nanocomposites
  • Thomas Landrain: Biohacking: when biotech breaks free
  • José Bessa: The use of CRISPR to crack the the transcriptional regulatory code of the zebrafish
  • Carla Sá Couto: Presenting DEBRA Portugal

April 9th (Sunday)

  • Emanuel Sousa: Robots as Socially Intelligent Assistants
  • Patrícia Figueiredo: Multimodal Brain Imaging
  • Brígida Mónica Faria: (Big) Data Analysis and its Opportunities: Healthcare Applications
  • Pedro Baptista: Liver Organoids for Recapitulation of Organogenesis
  • Lino Ferreira: Human tissues grown in a dish
  • João Ribas: Vascular aging-on-a-chip
  • Luísa Gouveia: Blue Biotechnology: All Colors of Microalgae
  • Vitor Vasconcelos: Cyanobacteria technological applications
  • Jorge Temido: BUGGYPOWER microalgae biorefinery
  • Maria João Ramos: Computational Strategies in Drug Discovery
  • Gabriel Monteiro: Plasmid biopharmaceuticals
  • Carmen Freire: Bacterial Nanocellulose Membranes as Promising Drug Delivery Systems
  • João Pedro Ribeiro: How can technology make a dent in Orthopaedics
  • Filipe Cardoso: The creation of a medtech company: the Magnomics case
  • José Amorim de Sousa: OATVITA: a pre-fermented oat cream for the food industry