European Best Destination 2017


Located along the Douro river estuary in northern Portugal, Porto was recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.

Its mild weather, its welcoming people and its ever surprising gastronomy are only some of the reasons to visit the birthplace of the famous Portwine.

Magical and romantic by night, picturesque and culture thriving by day, Porto has estabilished itelf as one of the most important touristic destintations in Europe. Besides its rich, century-old culture, which populates the city with important historical landmarks, it is also home to contemporary buildings signed by world renowned portuguese architects such as Siza Vieira and Souto Moura.

Besides its touristical attractions, Porto is home to modern facilities and state-of-the-art research institutions. One of the most proeminent and interdisciplinary scientific platforms in the country is located in Porto: in Asprela, the combination of schools from the University of Porto, private schools, research institutions and hospitals creates an environment favourable to real breaktrough research and technological progress.

Venue and Access

The Symposium on Bioengineering will take place at the Great Auditorium of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). As all cosmopolitan and international cities, Porto offers many ways for you to quickly get to our venue. We suggest a few:

To Aeroporto Sá Carneiro, and then by car or subway (choose line E, with connection to line D at Trindade, direction "Hospital de São João").

A1 highway (direction South to North) - Ash bridge: Take the "Porto - Paranhos" exit and follow the signs towards S. João Hospital.
A4 highway: Take the "Porto Centro" exit and follow the signs towards S. João Hospital.
A3 highway: Head towards S. João Hospital
A28 highway: Take the A4, direction "Vila Real - Porto Centro"; head towards S. João Hospital.

From Rodonorte/Rede Expressos/Tâmega station, head to Av. Aliados.
Then take the subway, direction "Hospital S. João" (line D) or
Take the bus: 204, 300, 301 and 803.
There are also other buses near São João Hospital.
For more information, visit:

Choose line D (yellow) direction "Hospital de São João" and exit on "IPO". After that, follow Rua Dr. Plácido da Costa on foot to FEUP (5 minutes).
For more information, visit:

Arrival at Campanhã station – take lines A,B,C or E of the subway to Trindade and then change to line D, direction "Hospital de São João".
Arrival at São Bento station – take the subway (line D), direction "Hospital de São João".
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Comboios de Portugal (CP) will take you to the 8th Symposium on Bioengineering! As a participant in the event, you can buy train tickets for roundtrips to Porto in the urban network for only 2 euros (only on the 8th and 9th of April).
For group trips, in IC services between Coimbra-Porto and Lisboa-Porto, there is a 50% discount (Saturday) and 20% (Sunday) on a selection of train trips to the Symposium. If you are planning your trip with a group of more than 10 people, please send us a email for to get more information on this discount.

NOTE: The discount in train travelling by CP is only appliable upon presentation of a personal ID document and a participation proof document, which will be sent to you by the organizing committee in due time, and upon payment of your registration. You should have both documents on you upon buying your train tickets as well as during your trip, for fiscalisation purposes.

Saturday (April 8th) - Alfa Pendular no.131 (50% discount on Adult 2nd class ticket): departure from Lisbon (Oriente) at 07h09; Coimbra-B at 08h45; arrival at Porto (Campanhã) at 09h44.
Sunday (April 9th) - Intercidades no.526 (20% discount on Adult 2nd class ticket): departure from Porto (Campanhã) at 19h52; arrival at Coimbra-B at 20h57; arrival at Lisbon (Oriente) at 22h52.
Comboios de Portugal