The Symposium on Bioengineering

Every year, for the last 7 years, NEB-FEUP/ICBAS, the Bioengineering Students Association, has organized the Symposium on Bioengineering, an event whose main purpose is the most traditional, yet the most innovative goal: to present to our academic community the most recent and innovative projects with biomedical and biological applications on issues of our modern society. The 8th Symposium on Bioengineering slogan is Solving Tomorrow, Today, and we intend to accomplish that mission once again this year.

As usual, both national and international speakers of exceptional quality, not only from the Academia but also from the Entrepreneurial world, will be present at this Symposium - the largest student-organised Bioengineering event in Portugal, taking into account previous editions attendance and success. By encouraging communication and knowledge sharing among students, academics, industry and start-ups in an event which comprises Biological/Biomedical Engineering and Molecular Biotechnology, we aim to better portray the current state of Bioengineering, particularly in the Portuguese scientific scenery.
This year, we focus not only on specific issues for each area, but also on the convergence between all three major branches of Bioengineering. In keeping with the great diversity which is associated with Bioengineering, this programme includes two very distinct panels specific to each one of the three branches of the course: Biomedical Engineering, Biological Engineering and Molecular Biotechnology. In addition, two other panels were designed to be as transversal as possible,so as to portray the interdisciplinarity of several areas to which Bioengineering has yet to contribute significantly.

Regarding Biological Engineering, the program includes talks on marine biotechnology and solutions inspired by the sea; white biotechnology will also be addressed by showing the distinct possibilities regarding the application of microorganims in a productive way.
Concerning Biomedical Engineering, the Symposium intends to show the innovations on assistive technology and biomechanics, as well as in big data analysis and modeling systems based on human behavior and emotions.
Apropos of Molecular Biotechnology, the program focuses on biohacking and gene editing; in addition, the new models that are being used to study organs and systems, such as organ on a chip and organoids will also be addressed.
The Symposium agenda includes a panel on Pharmaceutics, going from drug development/production to its delivery, and Nanotechnology, an emerging area with increasingly various and valuable applications. A panel on Bioentrepreneurship is included in order to show the testimonies of entrepreneurs and understand the evolution of ideia-to-company in each case. Lastly, MIB/MEB™ aims to show the work developed by students who recently finished their Master's Degree on Bioengineering or Biomedical Engineering, in FEUP/ICBAS. Our agenda is completed with a Poster Contest, for the exposition of work being developed by students and researchers with any relevance in the multidisciplinarity of Bioengineering.
Contributing in the creation of this rich panel of speakers is our Scientific Committee, whose members have a profoundly distinct academic background, in such a way that their contributions most certainly provide for the interdisciplinarity desired for this event. Relying on the conjunction of researchers and professors with different experiences and personalities, no other outcome ought to be expected except a strongly cohese, dynamic and inclusive programme.

The work of researchers from different countries will contribute to this 8th edition of the Symposium in accomplishing a solid and up-to-date event, broadening the horizons and spiking the curiosity of future Bioengineers. This is, after all, the apogee of our vision, Solving Tomorrow, Today.

If Bioengineering is a field of unlimited and yet-to-be-imagined applications, then Portugal has the talented and hard-working people to, once again, 500 years later, set sail from the safe harbor and venture further afield in this world of discoveries. Communication and partnership with different countries, projects and mindsets are key for a new chapter in the convergence of Life Sciences and Technology. Above all, one must know more to further idealize and concretize. And the 8th Symposium on Bioengineering is just the right event to do it - save the date!

Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

The Bioengineering Student's Group (Núcleo de Estudantes de Bioengenharia - FEUP/ICBAS) was created on the 6th November, 2013. It has been entirely ran by students taking their MSc on Bioengineering, a joint programme between two Faculties of the University of Porto: the Faculty of Engineering and the Abel Salazar Institute of Biomedical Sciences.

The group aims at the organization of events and activities for the Bioengineering student community and the establishment of a communication network involving other student groups, as well as companies, research institutes, universities and other scientific organizations, both national and international. One of the main goals of the group is the promotion of the three specialised branches within the degree: Biomedical Engineering, Biological Engineering and Molecular Biotechnology.

The group is legally recognized as a Non-Profit Organization.