Healthcare Design Thinking: From Research to Product

7th of April - 16:45 - Room B330

- Startup Braga Programs Intro
- Introduction to Design Thinking
- Case Study of Design Thinking in Health
- Introduction to the Design Thinking Challenge
- Design Thinking Challenge Exercise

Limit: 35 people
Room: Ability to people to work in pairs, with writing support. Participants just need a pen or a pencil.

BITalino Workshop

7th of April - 15:30 - Room B327

Physiological data has had a transforming role on multiple aspects of society, which goes beyond the health sciences domains to which they were traditionally associated with. While biomedical engineering is a classical discipline where the topic is amply covered, today physiological data is a matter of interest for students, researchers and hobbyists in areas ranging from arts, programming, engineering, among others. Regardless of the context, the use physiological in experimental activities and practical projects is heavily bounded by the cost and limited access to adequate support materials.

In this workshop we will focus on BITalino, a versatile toolkit composed of low-cost hardware and software, and created to enable anyone to create cool projects and applications involving physiological data. The hardware consists of a modular wireless biosignal acquisition system that can be used to acquire data in real time, interface with other devices (e.g. Arduino or Raspberry PI), or perform rapid prototyping of end-user applications. The software comprehends a set of programming APIs, a biosignal processing toolbox, and a framework for real time data acquisition and postprocessing.

Health 2.0 Meetup

7th of April - 19:00 - AEFEUP

Health 2.0 Meetups are open to all those motivated by innovation in Health, in an informal gathering to meet other people, projects, and ideas. This time together with the 8th Symposium on Bioengineering.

Program: (More info later)
- Porto Health Tech Startup Showcase
- TonicApp, Daniela Seixas
- Open Stage*
- Beer and Networking

* Meetup Open Stage
The floor is also yours in this meetups. What do you have to share related to health technologies?
Do you have a project in health tech you want to kickstart (find founders, partners, ideas)? Do you have a health tech Startup you want to share (promote, get feedback, get partners, get clients, etc.)? Do you want to share a health problem to challenge tech people to solve it?
Each Meetup we give the floor to 1 Challenge (5min Presentation + QA) and 3 Pitch (3min + 2min QA).

Free and open to non-attendees of SymBio. External registration and application of challenges/ideas/startups at here!

Hands-on workshop on Bioinformatics

7th of April - 15:00 - Room B119

Data analysis in R of gene expression. Participants should have minimal knowledge in coding.

- Brief introduction to R
- Case study

Install R programming (choose according to your operative system, and base version should suffice), and RStudio (free license version).

Files to download