March 16th, Saturday

9:00Opening session

  • Álvaro Samagaio: The first years as a Bioengineer
  • Catarina Costa: What's next? From a Master's in Bioengineering to a PhD abroad
  • Rita Santos: Innovation - from academia to soft funding consultancy

11:30Coffee Break

  • Anna Olsson: Replacement, Reduction and Refinement in research with animals
  • Darla Goeres: We can, but should we? A discussion on ethics and bioengineering
  • Tiago Marques: BreastXR: Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Surgery with AI and XR


  • Chong Li: Decoding Neurodevelopmental disorders through single-cell CRISPR Brain Organoid Screening
  • Inês d'Avila: Microgravity in Portugal
  • Sandra Cardoso: The Gut-Brain axis in parkinson's disease

16:00Coffee Break

16:30Speed Networking

  • Begoña Aran: Genome editing for the study of embryo development
  • Marcia Ferraz: Bioengineering the female reproductive tract for improved embryo production
  • Ramon Botigelli: In vitro gametogenesis from stem cells: recent advances, opportunities, and challenges to overcome

March 17th, Sunday

  • Federico Barban: Tales from the (closed) loop: studying the impact of electrical stimulation on brain injuries
  • Manuel João Pinto: From the lab to the operation room: how is modern neuroscience interrogating the brain?
  • Onur Parlak: Wearable biosensors from lab to life

10:30Coffee Break

11:00Speed Networking

  • Ana Paula Mucha: Bioremediation of pollutants in marine environments
  • Paula Alvarenga: The role of waste-derived amendments in the phytostabilization of soils contaminated by mining activities
  • Virginia Echavarri-Bravo: Bioseparation of critical and valuable metals from spent Lithium-ion batteries


14:00Science Under 5'

  • Cátia Santos-Pereira: Bioprospection of biosurfactants from hypersaline environments
  • Sandra Pucciarelli: Adaptation strategies and biotechnological applications of Atarctic bacteria
  • Sudhakar Rajulu: Ergonomic assessments of designs: need for population analysis-fit, accommodation, comfort and performance

16:30Coffee Break

17:00Speed Networking

  • Catarina Pinheiro: BioArt: Exploring the Intersection of Art and Biology
  • Catarina Pombo Nabais: Bioart: the case of technological tattoos
  • Marta Menezes: Art and Immunology: a lifelong loving relationship

19:00Closing session