Made in Bio

Where are the alumni from Bioengineering now? The 'Made in Bio' panel will guide you through the journeys of former students from each branch of Bioengineering, tracing their paths from academy to their current lives.

The Good, The Bad and The Cells

In today's rapidly evolving landscape of scientific exploration, the ethical dimensions of research practices have come under heightened scrutiny. As research institutes burgeon and scientific inquiry expands into new frontiers, the ethical implications of experimental methodologies, particularly those involving animal testing, have taken center stage. In this panel, several of the moral questions implicated in scientific research will be addressed, while also inviting the participants to engage in the discussion and raise their own concerns.

Curiosity Saved the Cat

Welcome to an exploratoy panel, fueled by curiosity and innovation at the forefront of human knowledge. Our panelists represent fresh ideas in their fields, delving into the complexities of human microbiome and genomics, aerospace engineering, and neurodevelopmental disorders exploration. We do hope these ideas save the cat.

Baby Steps in Reproduction

All around the world, couples struggle with the impossibility of having genetically related children. Luckily, technology has been evolving and the investment in new cutting-edge approaches is immense. From in vitro fertilization, a technique that goes back more than half a century, to in vitro gametogenesis, a new method under development that may allow infertile people and same-sex couples to have progeny, there are endless possibilities enabling, through baby steps, novel and innovative ways of reproduction.

Mind Matters

Join our journey through cutting-edge neuroengineering approaches, unlocking the secrets to supercharging brain function and reshaping the intersection of technology and the mind. Brace yourself for a revolution in decoding the limitless potential of the human mind!

Nature's Cleanup Crew

In the face of environmental challenges caused by human activities, exists a powerful ally: Bioremediation. Whether it's an oil spill contaminating the ocean, leachates from a lithium mine, or industrial waste polluting our ecosystems, nature offers a solution. This uprising approach harnesses the power of living organisms to heal the damage we've inflicted upon the environment. By utilizing the natural capabilities of bacteria, plants, microalgae and even fungus, we can mitigate and even reverse the harm caused by our actions in an eco-friendly way.

Life Finds a Way

Around our world, there are places that no one would believe that anything would live there. But there is! Deserts (or sand or ice), hot springs, salt flats or in space, life has incredible adaptation capabilities! This panel will show you the adversities that the human body suffers by going into space, how can bacteria live in Antartica and how can we extract surfactants from halophiles.

State of the Art

Against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving artistic landscape, bioart has emerged as a trailblazing medium, pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic practice and challenging our perceptions of what constitutes art. In this panel, we invite you to journey into the fascinating world of bioartistry, where living organisms, technology, and imagination intertwine to produce awe-inspiring works of art.