João Pedro Ribeiro

Medicine has been one of the fields which uses the state of the art technology since always. This also applies to Orthopaedics. However, at some point, this medical branch stopped innovating, and surgeons felt it. What has been made to help this surgeons? What kind of technologies? What can we do to change this and help this physicians with their difficult task?
João Pedro Ribeiro is the CEO of PeekMed, a pre-operative planning system for Orthopaedic surgery. He is a Biomedical Engineer with a Master's degree in Medical Informatics. João Pedro Ribeiro quit his job to start PeekMed in order to help simplify the way orthopaedic surgeons interact with technology and plan the surgeries.

Filipe Cardoso

Magnomics is a company developing a new technology for detecting different bacteria and their resistance at the point-of-care, centred around on-chip DNA extraction, amplification and magnetic detection. It is a lab, on a chip. This start-up will be presented by Dr. Filipe Cardoso (CTO), graduated in Physics Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico – Lisbon University in 2005 and with a PhD in the same university and at INESC-MN.
He is the author of over 40 peer-reviewed papers and the inventor of 4 patents and, after having coordinated INESC-MN team in 4 European projects and 5 Nacional projects (FCT), Dr. Filipe Cardoso cofounded Magnomics with 4 partners.

José Amorim de Sousa

5ENSESINFOOD, created in 2013 after a successful COTEC program, has been responsible for the invention and commercialisation of OATVITA, an innovative food ingredient composed by an oat fermented base (aqueous phase), soluble and adjustable to multiple applications, from drinks, to type-yogurts and ice creams, enhancing and reinforcing their taste and nutritious properties.
Presenting 5ENSESINFOOD we will have Dr. José Eduardo Amorim de Sousa who, with an incredible work experience in project management and administration, has taken important roles in several major Portuguese companies such as Sonae (1984-1998), Cerealis (1998-2002), Spresso and TPF Planege (2002-2009) or Efacec Engenharia e Sistemas (2010-2014). In 2006, he was the promotor of 5ENSEINFOOD in a Cohitec Program, later becoming the General Manager of the same, a position he still holds in the present day.