Poster Contest Rules in PDF


  1. The posters submitted must correspond to original productions/scientific research.
  2. Each registration can only submit one poster. If the poster has multiple authors, one of them must be chosen asthe presenting author and assigned asresponsible for the submission.
  3. To submit the poster, the responsible author must take the following steps:
    1. Register in the event (mandatory). If you prefer to register only after confirmation of the acceptance of your poster, there will be a special registration period for you to do so.
    2. Send the abstract via email to, until 23:59h of the 23rd of March​ considering the following:
      • The email's subject should be "Poster abstract - [contestant's full name]".
      • The abstract must have no more than 600 words.
      • There should be no illustrations, diagrams, charts, algorithms or any other attachments.
      • The abstract must be written in English.
      Abstracts sent after the deadline and/or not meeting the above requirements will not be accepted.
  4. Members of the event’s Organizing Committee are not allowed to enter the contest nor can they be co-authors of any submitted work.
  5. The number of accepted posters will be limited to 15.

  6. Minimal requirements

  7. The contest will only be held if 8 or more posters are submitted to competition. In the event of cancellation, all contestants will be duly notified.
  8. The submitted works will be assessed by the organization and undergo an initial triage process to assure quality and adequacy to the event's theme. Authors whose work is admitted for presentation will be notified before the event, lessthan a week after the deadline for abstract submission (17th March 2017).

  9. Paper format delivery

  10. Posters admitted for presentations must be printed (size A0) and delivered at the event's reception desk upon registration on the first day of the event, 8th of April​.

  11. Oral presentation and evaluation

  12. Every poster that passesthe initial triage process must be presented to the audience and jury for evaluation on the 8th of April, at 15:30h, during the Poster Pitch Session.
  13. During the Poster Walk (8th of April at 16:00h and Sunday at 10:15h), contestants are required to be by their posters and answer eventual questions from the jury.
  14. Presentations are to be made in English and should last no longer than 2 minutes​.
  15. The jury will be composed of the members of the Symposium's Scientific Committee and speakers of the event. Expert members might be invited in case the works submitted prove to require specialised assessment that falls out of the Scientific Committee’s scope of expertise. The area of the submitted work (Biomedical Engineering, Molecular Biotechnology or Biological Engineering) will be taken into account in the constitution of the jury.
  16. If the responsible author failsto attend any of the evaluation moments, his/her work will be automatically disqualified.

  17. Results and prizes

  18. Results of the Poster Contest will be publicly announced during the Closing Session, on the 9th of April.
  19. The jury’s decision is final.
  20. The winning author will be awarded 100€ in cash.

  21. Criteria

  22. The Scientific Committee is to assign each poster submitted to one or more of the three fields: Molecular Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering or Biological Engineering, according to the subject(s) at hand. The criteria to score the posters will be the following:
    1. Scientific merit: assessment of the quality of the work with regard to the author’s age and/or experience and/or prior training and education. It is an equalizing criterion that intends to standardise the sophistication of the work according to the level of sophistication expected for the author.
    2. Novelty: measure of the originality of the work developed within the area; it has to do essentially with the scientific creativity. It scores up to what point the work stands out or, on the other hand, is a repetition of the state of the art in the field.
    3. Scientific rigour: evaluation of the rigour of the methodology and validity of the results and conclusions.
    4. Pitch: evaluation of the presenting author’s ability to communicate scientific content in a concise and coherent way. Posture, fluidity, speech correction and general orality fit in this criterion.
    5. Poster: graphical and visual appeal, writing clarity and correction of the poster itself.
  23. For each poster:
    • Criteria i to iii are to be scored only by the members of the Scientific Committee belonging to the field to which the poster has been assigned. The final score for each of the criteria will be calculated as the mean average of these scores.
    • Criteria iv and v are to be assessed by all members of the juri. Similarly, the final score for each of the criteria will be calculated as the mean average of the score assigned by all members.
  24. After these calculations, each criterion will be worth 20% of the poster’s final score.

  25. Amends

  26. Núcleo de Estudantes de Bioengenharia – FEUP/ICBAS reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. Eventual amendments will be publicly announced, in the Symposium's Facebook Page ( , and communicated by e-mail to already enrolled contestants.

  27. Contacts

  28. Should you have any questions, please send an email to under the subject “Poster Contest Question​”.